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Donald Trump Appears to be Unfit to Serve as President of the United States Due to An Untreated Mental Disorder

December 17, 2016


While diagnoses of mental conditions under usual circumstances should be offered after a thorough mental health diagnostic interview by a mental health professional, we are facing a situation in the United States where the President elect, Donald Trump shows in his erratic behavior, apparent malevolent intent to destroy or debilitate valuable public institutions, and bizarre […]

Pathology of the Will: A Theory of the Contemporary Right Wing in America – Part 1

November 4, 2011


[This is the first of two parts of this post.  A full PDF version can be downloaded via this link.] There are puzzling aspects of the contemporary American right wing which make it difficult for those on the progressive end of the spectrum to understand them.  The right-wing seems to be both incredibly stupid and […]