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The Willful World of the American Right Wing

March 2, 2012


Those to the left of center, whether they are liberals, progressives, or socialists, often have difficulty in understanding the appeal to substantial portions of the American electorate of right-wing politicians like Newt Gingrich or pundits like Rush Limbaugh.  The recently and unfortunately deceased Andrew Breitbart made a career of willful distortion of facts and assertions […]

Pathology of the Will: A Theory of the Contemporary Right-Wing in America Part 2

November 6, 2011


In the first part of this post, I made the case that the contemporary American Right suffers an excess of willfulness, which I described via 11 “signs” or behavioral trends.  In this part I continue by exploring connections between an excess of will and established diagnoses of mental suffering.   A full PDF version can […]

Pathology of the Will: A Theory of the Contemporary Right Wing in America – Part 1

November 4, 2011


[This is the first of two parts of this post.  A full PDF version can be downloaded via this link.] There are puzzling aspects of the contemporary American right wing which make it difficult for those on the progressive end of the spectrum to understand them.  The right-wing seems to be both incredibly stupid and […]

The Deficit Hawk Putsch

August 1, 2011


We are witnessing a time in American politics and economics that might evoke the response of the dying Colonel Kurtz in Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”: “the horror, the horror” at what apparently to Kurtz was a “a supreme moment of complete knowledge”. The catastrophe has revealed itself in slow motion but it should be clear […]

Pres. Obama, Tea Party Republicans and Deficit Hawks are, Together, Ripping Up the American Tapestry

July 24, 2011


Today, the debate in Washington about the debt ceiling and budget deficits has been skewed beyond recognition, endangering the viability of government as an effective instrument of popular will.  The intent to cut federal spending in the face of a crisis of demand in the private economy is currently shared by mainstream political actors of […]

President Obama’s Persistent Strategic Error: Mistaking Inside-the-Beltway Reality for “Real” Reality

June 26, 2011


Progressives and others who are concerned about the content of discussion in Washington are now divided on a critical issue:  to what degree should one hold responsible President Obama for errors or failures in the last two years, as well as the strengthening of Republicans after Democrats’ decisive electoral defeats of the GOP in 2006 […]

Deficit Hawks Stampede Lawmakers and the Public Using “Smart for One, Dumb for All” Morality

May 31, 2011


As I have argued here in earlier posts, the debate about budget deficits is a monumental one, determining in its outcome the shape of society and the type of economy that will prevail in the US and other developed nations.  The debate is fundamentally about for whose benefit and in what way government will operate […]