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Pres. Obama, Tea Party Republicans and Deficit Hawks are, Together, Ripping Up the American Tapestry

July 24, 2011


Today, the debate in Washington about the debt ceiling and budget deficits has been skewed beyond recognition, endangering the viability of government as an effective instrument of popular will.  The intent to cut federal spending in the face of a crisis of demand in the private economy is currently shared by mainstream political actors of […]

“Augustinian” Theology and the Republican/Libertarian Denial of Society

October 12, 2010


In the foregoing posts, I chronicle how libertarian ideology has led the Republican Party astray, misleading the American public about the real problems and solutions for our common challenges.  The resurgence of libertarian ideology started during the late 1970’s and the 1980’s when the post-WWII consensus about how advanced industrial societies should be governed came […]