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Inspired by Libertarianism, Republicans and the Tea Party Choose Short-Sighted Greed Over Long-Term Self-Interest

October 17, 2010


In this blog, I have been defining the 30 year experiment of the New Right as being largely libertarian with regard to its political appeals, theory of how society works, and attitudes toward government and taxation.  To be fair, I have pointed out that the Republicans’ agenda includes two other potentially conflicting influences, social conservatism […]

“Augustinian” Theology and the Republican/Libertarian Denial of Society

October 12, 2010


In the foregoing posts, I chronicle how libertarian ideology has led the Republican Party astray, misleading the American public about the real problems and solutions for our common challenges.  The resurgence of libertarian ideology started during the late 1970’s and the 1980’s when the post-WWII consensus about how advanced industrial societies should be governed came […]

Via Libertarianism, Republicans Try to “Off” the Superego

October 6, 2010


Freud’s concept of the superego is helpful in understanding what is at stake in the upcoming midterm election and more generally in the American political economy (and in political conflicts in other countries).  Republicans under the influence of libertarianism are attempting to get rid of or weaken our society’s “superego”, our collective conscience, which is […]

Via Libertarianism, Republicans Excuse Themselves from Civic Duty and Truth-Telling

October 2, 2010


The concept of civic duty seems like an old-fashioned virtue that is, at best, a nice-to-have option rather than an essential element of the functioning of our society today.  The notion of “duty” in general does not fit easily into our fast-paced, fast-changing society where we expect to shop for different relationships, different politicians and […]

The Republican/Libertarian Mass Delusion about Government

September 26, 2010


After writing the previous long piece exploring the relationship between libertarianism and paranoia, I wanted to draw out a particular “take home message” for those with little patience for the long argument I made there.  Republican candidates for high office in the November 2010 elections (as well as a few Democrats) are perpetuating a “mass […]

Libertarianism, the Republican Party, and Paranoid Tendencies

September 24, 2010


For almost 30 years, one of the primary inspirations of the American Right has been libertarianism, which has functioned as something of a semi-cohesive (but inaccurate) “theory of society” among self-described conservatives.  The ideology and politics of the American Right since the election of Ronald Reagan, has been based on three interacting and sometimes conflicting […]